What is Rigel Protocol | Understanding its ecosystem and latest products



  1. Smart Swapping
  2. Margin Trading
  3. Yield Farming

What makes Rigel Protocol Different

  • The Whole Rigel protocol project is community-driven it is completely designed, developed, and set up for the community, additionally all the decisions regarding development and decision making are in the hands of the community.
  • The Rigel protocol cross-chain operations guarantee low transaction fees, Moreover, the funds are in the hands of the users and there is no need for KYC.
  • The users will have full transparency and control over their funds while they are interacting with any of Rigel protocol’s products

Rigel Protocol Developments

  • Binance Smart Chain Reward Series
  • Community Airdrop Release
  • Token Contract Release
  • Community Contest
  • Ecosystem and features showcase
  • Community adoption and Partnerships
  • Refined Smart Swapping and Yield Farming
  • Gift Dapp

Future Releases and Development

Rigel Protocol Ongoing Events

1.Rigel Protocol & Bitforex Trading Competition

2.Rigel Protocol First Token Burning Event

3. Rigel Protocol Gift DApp Testnet

4. Special Staking Pool for $RGP





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Crypto Enthusiastic

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