What is CafeSwap? | Key Features | $MOCHA |

  1. Yield Farming and Staking: A fully decentralized farming and staking platform are available on the platform. The farm’s APR reward can reach over 800 percent, making it one of the highest yield platforms currently available on BSC. The stake pool uses a single staking of the BREW token, the platform’s native token. It has some of the greatest APR, just like the Farm. On the pool, there are only three token pools: BREW, DITTO, and SALT.
  2. Dex Platform
  3. Auto Compounding Vaults
  4. Dual Farming
  5. Dual Reward NFT Staking
  6. BREW Lottery: The Brew lottery operates in the same manner as any other lottery. To be eligible to win, you must purchase lottery tickets in BUSD or BREW. A user has the option of purchasing an unlimited number of tickets. The draw will take six hours to complete. The ticket has four different numbers on it, ranging from 1 to 14. To win the lottery, users must match all four numbers on their tickets in the same order as the four winning numbers (50 percent of the total lottery pool). Don’t worry if you don’t match all four. If you match two or more numbers in the correct order, you will win a prize.




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