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In this blog, we will talk more about unmarshal its products, it is token $MARSH some latest news, and why I am so bullish on this project


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So, for those of you who don't know what this project is, basically what unmarshal does is, collect all the data from the blockchain and run it through their decoders and transform it into meaningful information. Like we have tons of new projects coming in and working on blockchain technology, So basically they have a lot of data some useful some not so useful, this is where unmarshal kicks in they collect all the data processing it into information which helps the project as well as other people working on the blockchain including us users. It saves a lot of our time and works all thanks to Unmarshal.

Now if talk in a little more detail the data collected by Unmarshal goes through multiple nodes where the data is fetched parallelly, stored, validate each block, and tracks all the errors So that they can be fixed later.


Unmarshal started simple but as they progressed many more new products were launched by them one of them was their Unified Explorer Xscan. It is one of its kind multichain explorer. So, what basically it does is scan our wallets as simple as that but the catch is here if you are having your assets on multiple chains suppose BSC and Ethereum you can not check both the balances simultaneously, What Xscan does is it allows its users to explore their wallets on multiple chains at the same time pretty cool huh! It not all as more and more users started using it, the team also started to upgrade and inrich it with more and more features like whale alerts, transaction alerts, token transaction history and PNL data it basically does it all, its like google for blockchain.

If I explain it a little further with whale alerts, if you subscribe to it you'll be notified whenever your set criteria meets, like if you wants to be alerted if any transaction above $100,000,000 happens you can set it and you'll get your alerts everytime this criteria meets. In case of transaction alerts, you get an alert form your browser when you go transaction from your subscribed wallet. Similarly Transaction history will show you all your transactions with the specific pair and will manage your profit and loss data.

Unmarshal Smart Notifications

As the technology is upgrading and the world is adopting Web3, Smart Notifications are probably on of the most important part of it. With Unmarshal’s Smart Notification Technolgy and infrastructure users can be updated/notified in case of critical event, these notification algorithms are fully customisable and can be molded as per the users needs. The Unmarshal notification is supported by firebase which makes it easier to trigger notification on both mobile and desktop, the below table clearly describes the incentive and support this feature provides to the community.

The role of $MARSH

$MARSH is the native token of Unmarshal, it used to incentivize the network contributors like Node runners. $MARSH has a total supply of 100 Million token out of which around 7 Million token are in current supply. If we talk about its technical analysis than the price is around $1.47

As you can observe in the chart, $MARSH has broken below the upward channel that it was moving as the market took a correction, currently $MARSH is trying to make a support at its current price if it breaks we may see another accumulation phase from it between the area of $1.2-$1.4

If in worst case BTC starts falling we may also test lower zones and break the $1.2 support, This would be the best buying opportunity, as the project is constantly launching new products and forming new partnerships with big players in the crypto space. $MARSH is due a good rally and we will most probably see it as the market turns bullish back on. So, I would definitely recommend you looking into it the possible buy zones are $1.2, $1 and $0.75-$0.80, the lower zones might not hit, but if the market turns red there is a chance we may see these level for a short interval.

Unmarshal on Discord

Unmarshal was planning on creating a discord community and now its finally official, Unmarshal has launched its discord channel you can click here and join it too. I will also be there come hang out there

That was all I wanted to share with you guys about unmarshal, I will make update you on the project development and launches in upcoming blogs, till then good bye!

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