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In previous blogs, we have talked about a basic overview of Unmarshal and its August BUILD. So, in this blog I wanted you to know a little more about it, we will also discuss Xscan, $MARSH Technical Analysis, and a lot of other interesting stuff about Unmarshal.


I always believe that to check the fundamentals of a project see its partnerships. So, I felt the need to let you know about some major partnerships of Unmarshal.

1. Polkastarter

2. Polkacover

3. Asva Finance

Features of Unmarshal

  • The Unmarshal’s fully indexed blockchain data helps users keep track of their wallet balances and any kind of transaction on multiple chains Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and many others.
  • With Unmarshal’s portal, you can easily subscribe to any new protocol and receive the indexed data quickly.
  • With Unmarshal’s Push Notifications User’s can get real-time alerts on any transactions, ongoing trading positions and stay up to date .
  • Unmarshal’s tax modules help generate tax statements easily for tokens on any financial year.
  • Unmarshal’s price APIs will help you track the historical price of your desired token very easily.

Why I am Bullish on $MARSH?

After the recent China news on the crypto ban and the market dump, $MARSH dumped and formed its support on 0.67USD level and 4H candle closed above 0.7199 USD, it gave a good initial bounce of 8% and reached 0.83 USD, currently, its trading price is around 0.73 USD. If we talk about the bigger picture (in 1D-frame) $MARSH is currently in its accumulation zone, with resistance levels of 0.89USD, 1.09USD and another strong resistance at 1.52–1.58 USD



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