Unmarshal in 2022 | Latest Updates | New Listings | 500USD MEME Competition | Native Staking |

5 min readJan 25, 2022

This blog will help you catch up with all the latest happenings in the Unmarshal ecosystem and What are all the upcoming updates and News to Expect

2022 has been a very exciting month for Unmarshal, the team shared many key updates and highlights of their plan for this year. The team also mentioned how the development is always busy in their #buidl, and are planning to launch many new things very soon.

Exchange Listing

Unmarshal started the year with a very exciting listing. Unmarshal gets listed on CoinDCX, if you don’t know CoinDCX it is one of the most used crypto exchanges in India which is highly user-friendly and secure. $MARSH got listed on CoinDCX on Jan 5, 2022, 6 PM IST

Native Staking(3rd Wave)

This month for Unmarshal has been full of exciting news, and So is this one. The 3rd Wave of staking is 90 days long and has a massive reward pool of 500,000 $MARSH. The team went all the way in the third wave to incentivize the long-term supporters with huge APRs. The staking started on Jan 7, 12:30 PM UTC and as I said will be 90 days long with a 10 days claim delay. Staking is definitely a very good way to earn passively, additionally, the APR is very good, So I would definitely look for staking it for all of the duration of Wave 3.

Solana Integration

Solana has been one of the most popular blockchains of 2021 and has had a massive run both in developments and its token price, due to this many developers and projects are showing interest to #buidl on it. When there is a lot of data on a blockchain it obviously needs to be processed and queried. Unmarshal saw the demand and need to integrate the Solana blockchain to help everyone access seamless data from it, with this integration DApps on Solana easily fetch data particular to their applications without having to create any code. Some of the features of Unmarshal Solana APIs include:

1. Token Balances API

2. Token Transaction History API

3. Wallet Transaction History API

4. Decoded transaction Details

5. Token and Price Store

6. NFT Asset balances

Marking Advisor — Brian D. Evans

Unmarshal team has been constantly building and shipping new products in the DeFi space, to increase its adoption and attention Unmarshal hired a big marketing player. Brian has a lot of experience and expertise in the field. He has advised and consulted many blockchains, AI, Gaming, and NFT companies in the past, and looks forward to helping Unmarshal achieve large-scale adoption.

Discord Meme Competition

Unmarshal has announced a Meme competition for its discord community with a price of 500 USD. To participate in the competition all you have to do is join the Unmarshal Discord and post your memes at the #meme channel. The selection will be based on community votes and the last date to submit your Meme is 28 Jan 2022, So make sure you participate and get a chance to win huge rewards.

New Unmarshal API docs

Every day the adoption of blockchain is increasing rapidly and there is a need for more and more data management and enhancement, Unmarshal wants to make this an easy job for everyone this is where the new API Docs come in they will provide a 360 view of all the data on the blockchain with features including

1. Enhanced Searching

2. Live API Testing

3. A three View Panel

This will really help in fetching data from the blockchain and will help developers in testing APIs without writing any codes, the developers will also be able to make new APIs with it.

Personal Opinion

I am personally very bullish on this project and its token $MARSH, the team is planning on many new updates and developments that will be announced soon. There is also a new website on the way with the roadmap of 2022, I am sure it will have some very interesting things in it. Unmarshal nodes are also on the way and will be launched soon, currently, they are on their final testing. If I talk more about its token $MARSH it has been in a downtrend for the past couple of months but has been holding pretty strong through all the market dumps. I have high hopes for it and I think it can do an easy 10X from here as the market recovers. I have been continuously accumulating $MARSH and look forward to riding with it.

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi data network aiming to deliver granular, reliable & real-time data to dApps. It provides the easiest way to query Blockchain data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Near, and Solana. Unmarshal network consists of data indexers and transforming tools to power DeFi applications on any chain.