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Ethereum Push Notification Services.


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What is EPNS ?

EPNS is Ethereum Push Notification Services. It is a Protocol for blockchain-based notifications that are platform agnostic and incentivized. It was all started Harsh Rajat saw the requirements for public service announcements to Ethereum users and for DApp builders that wanted a new way to engage customers.

Problems Before EPNS

When EPNS was not around there were many problems faced by the users, the services expected the user to repeatedly check their actions, the wallet address didn’t receive any notifications from any of the Web3 activity. This disconnection between the user and the company lead to poor engagement and communications. Suppose you have an active long/short position in the market and you are near your liquidation point before epns you would not have been notified that you are near your liquidation so manage your position accordingly.

Solution (EPNS)

The basic idea of EPNS was to create a decentralized middleware for all DApps, Smart Contracts and Web3 Services. The Implementations and the solutions it brought were :


Public service announcements to Ethereum users and for DApp builders that wanted a new way to engage customers.


User always opts in for alerts from a service before they can notify you. Indirect consent, while an option will require the service to reward you first.


Ethereum Push Notification Services uses Staking by Service, which is Lend out to AAVE to generate Interest which is distributed among the service’s subscribers.

4. Makes interpreting payload storage flexible as changing payload type can indicate the storage medium
5. Allow service to create channel that any user can subscribe to.
6. Ethereum Push Notification Services allow channels to approve users as subscribers and create business cases around them.
7. EPNS allow channel and users to approve each other before the information is shared between them.

Currently, EPNS is Currently Delivering Decentralized Notifications for Uniswap, Alpha Homora, Truefi, AAVE(Polygon), and EPNS Promoter

$PUSH Token.

Ethereum Push Notification Services also has a native token named PUSH with a Maximum total supply of push of 100,000,000 $PUSH. Currently, the circulating supply of PUSH is 7,921,780.00 $PUSH and has a fully diluted market cap of $174,648,458.

The current CoinMarketCap ranking of $PUSH is #814, with a live market cap of $13,865,181 USD.

What Makes EPNS Unique ?

A notification mechanism that can notify users or wallet addresses of important updates, events, actions and so on, does not exist yet on Web3. As a result of this disconnection, users were not able to get updates/notifications about their activities. So this is where Ethereum Push Notification Services comes into play. EPNS helps deliver notifications to the user. Suppose a user is trading in the derivative market and has reached close to his liquidation point at that moment with the help of EPNS the user will be notified so that he can manage his position accordingly.


Harsh Rajat (Founder) :

Harsh Rajat is the founder of the Ethereum Push Notification Service. He also works as a solutions architect at 3 Magic Shots, and even fills the role of the chief technology officer at HydroLabs. Harsh Rajat also used to be a decentralized ambassador of Hydrogen FinTech.

Richa Joshi (co-founder) :


is the Co-founder of the Ethereum Push Notification Service, and she also works as an independent consultant at 3 Magic Shots, as well as a product manager at Hydro Labs. Before all of this, she worked as a senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting.

You all will be very happy to hear that EPNS is also backed by two of the most well know, most successful personalities of the Indian Crypto Community.

Nischal Shetty the Founder, CEO of WazirX Exchange.

which is India’s biggest Cryptocurrency exchange by volume with its native token WRX giving an excellent return to its investors

And Sandeep Naliwal the co-founder of the Polygon project with its token MATIC which proved out to be a great success and gave excellent returns to the investors.

In short, I wanted to say that this project is a Gem backed by geniuses of the crypto community. EPNS is a great project it has a lot of potential with very strong fundamental values

I will talk more about this project its partnerships and its token $push in future blogs so stay tuned.

Ethereum-Push-Notification-Service (EPNS)

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