Top Altcoins for Bear Market | Best Coins to Buy for Huge Gains

Best altcoins to buy for huge profits in Bullrun

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$MARSH (Unmarshal)

Unmarshal is the only low cap that I have shared here because I think it is a great project and not many people know about this, getting in early especially when the markets are bad can be huge

Technical Analysis

$MARSH is currently at a golden buy zone and it would make a great first entry ($0.22) other good support zones and huge buying opportunities are $0.20 and $0.17

In order for $MARSH to be bullish again, it has to break the $0.48-$0.53 resistance level, a break of this would be very bullish.


Technical Analysis

$DOT touched its first buying zone of $14.96-$14.81, other entry zones are $10.64 and the lottery zone of $7.07 all these are great entry zones for Polkadot for long term

If we look at the resistance levels there are 2 major resistance zone $22.91-$23.84 and the other one at $30, these are the levels to look at, it $DOT breaks these levels it would be very bullish


Technical Analysis

The support zones for chainlink are $10.3 and $7.35 these are excellent entry points if the price reaches here, as of the resistance levels the major resistance level is at $28 rest levels would break if we have good market sentiment and volume


Technical Analysis

The support areas for $ALGO are $0.52 and major support at the $0.40 range if the price comes at these ranges I will definitely look for aging more of $ALGO, If we see the resistance there is not any major resistance below $1 if the market starts to recover and the volume kicks in we can see them breaking easily, The major resistance is at $1 and $1.5

These were some of the coins that I personally will be looking at in the market, I hope you guys found the blog knowledgeable and learned something new, do share your views on these projects in the comments, and if there is any query you want to ask to feel free to ask me here in the comments or on any of my socials

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