Top Altcoins for Bear Market | Best Coins to Buy for Huge Gains

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Bitcoin broke the support zone the market is red, which means all the coins are at a discount, but the question is what are the best altcoins to pick? Well. worry not I have some suggestions for you. In this blog, we will discuss some huge potential coins for potential buying.

Photo by Tezos on Unsplash

$MARSH (Unmarshal)

Unmarshal is a data indexing project kinda like graph and covalent but they are multichain and also give many other data format options. $MARSH has shown quite a bullish momentum in April and if the market sentiments get back bullish this is definitely one to keep an eye on. Coinbase also shared a list of potential listings and $MARSH was in that list, which is huge in itself currently it is trading around $0.22 and I think is a gem buy at these levels.


Polkadot is a well know project and has very strong fundamentals, also $DOT is the only high market cap coin that has yet to see a huge breakout, I think polkadot season will come soon and it would be great if you already had filled your bag at these lower levels.


Chainlink is another major project with very strong fundamentals and huge backers, we say a major rally from $LINK in the bull market and now it is down to those early levels again, it’s like buying it 2 years back for all those who missed the rally this would be a great strategy


Algorand is a massive project and has a very high development rate, many developers are building on this blockchain and we haven’t seen the $ALGO rally yet, it would be huge to get in at these low levels and enjoy the profits in the bull market. I personally think Algorand has a lot of potentials and would be huge in the future. This is definitely my long term project I am planning to accumulate more in the bear market



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