These altcoins will retire you 10000% return in Bull Market 2023

5 min readJun 3, 2023


Let’s discuss some insane high-return cryptocurrencies, that have the potential to retire you, in the next bull cycle.

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In this blog we will look at some altcoins that I am looking at and are insanely high potential, the best way to build a spot position in the bear market is to identify key levels and set buy bids there, an entry at those levels is no less than winning a lottery ticket from my analysis I expect an easy 10X and even 100X from some altcoins in the long term. It takes a lot of patience and courage to hold crypto throughout the bear market that is why I recommend doing serious analysis and research before making any investment and only putting a small-small amount that would hurt you even if it is gone.

So let’s take a look at those altcoins and understand their technical analysis.

Push Protocol($PUSH)

Push Protocol is one such gem that I can’t stress enough, the project has brought a revolution to the web3 space by improving the UX of top crypto projects out there, with their insanely high fundamental products. Push Notifications deliver real-time notifications to users from dApps, Push Chats provide users with a decentralized chat messaging service, and Push Video brings the power of blockchain-enabling video calling services.

If we now look at the technical aspect of the $PUSH, it is at floor low prices and currently in accumulation. This accumulation could lead to a massive bull rally for this altcoin and give astronomical returns to the investors

The charts themselves talk more than words, it is one of those crypto that are very good at spot holding, DCA every support level, and gives great returns in the bull market. A great spot buy and good for long-term holding

I think in the bull market PUSH can go as high as $10 very easily which is over 3700% in return from the support zone.


Polkadot is another gem that does not talk enough or is mostly ignored when talking about very high-return crypto, DOT performed really well in the previous bull market, it is again at those levels $5 DOT is a gem and you know it.

In a daily time frame, DOT is perfectly following the fib levels you can trade accordingly if you like, currently testing the golden pocket zone of 0.5 at $5.26, with very strong levels of support at 0.618 and 0.5 level which is $4.5

In the long term, Dot is in its lottery area let us look at it.

DOT rallied a massive 1200% the last time DOT was here, I have high hopes this time too because a $100 DOT in the bull cycle is very easy. I will DCA this zone and build my position in the bear market.

Chainlink ($LINK)

The third cryptocurrency in the list is LINK, another very strong fundamental coin that is a great bear market pick. This is a very popular altcoin but still, most people ignore it and go for the risky meme coin trade, but a little understanding and market knowledge could give them even better results

Looking at the weekly chart LINK is in a weekly accumulation area, a great zone to bag some LINK, when it breaks the accumulation zone to the upper side no one can stop the rally it would bring, it is insanely high return crypto that made millionaires in the previous bull market, If I would look at building a position on LINK I would look at the zone of $4.7-$6, I will divide this area into three parts and build my position for the bull market. My target for the bull market for LINK is $80-$100.


Algorand is in a downtrend and currently trying to find support, I believe ALGO can still perform very well, not many people are talking about it, and many don’t think it will perform which is why I am looking at it as life-changing money ask for a certain amount of risk-taking capacity.

The support area is at $0.15, I think the $0.10-$0.15 zone is a really good area for DCA and entry I will definitely be looking at these zones to enter my trade and potentially reach $10-$15 which is around 100X return in the bull market.

These were the four altcoins that I wanted to share all these altcoins are very strong fundamentally and have great community support which is why I think it is even easier for them to hit my targets. These do require a certain amount of risks which need to be understood before getting in. I will be back with more vlogs like this helping the community understand the market and giving pieces of information about good quality altcoins, if you have any requests that you want me to look at DM me on Twitter and I will help you out.