Sui Ambassador Program: Shaping the Future of a Global Community

3 min readFeb 16, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with the Sui Ambassador Program — a golden opportunity to shape the future of a global community. Join us as a Content Creator or Local Community Leader, and unlock exclusive rewards, including monthly SUI incentives, priority access, and unique perks. Don’t miss this chance to be a driving force in the success of Sui! Apply now and become a part of something extraordinary.


The Sui Ambassador Program emerges as a catalyst in the mission to connect and empower global communities, charting a new course for the innovative Sui blockchain. This initiative empowers passionate individuals to spread awareness, accelerate adoption, and actively contribute to the success of the Sui community. With two distinct tracks, Content Creator and Local Community Leader, participants can choose their path, amplifying Sui’s vision and enjoying exclusive rewards along the way.

Program Tasks: Diverse Opportunities for Contribution

The Sui Ambassador Program offers a diverse range of tasks, providing opportunities for individuals with various skills and strengths. From content creation, community building, education, and promotion to event organization and regional community engagement, ambassadors can choose tasks aligned with their expertise. The program is designed to ensure that each ambassador can contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of the Sui community.

Eligibility and Inclusivity: Open to All

With an inclusive approach, the Sui Ambassador Program is open to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the blockchain space, the program values diversity and welcomes individuals with various skills and perspectives. The goal is to create a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem where participants can learn from each other and collectively drive the evolution of Sui.

Rewards and Recognition: Beyond Monetary Compensation

While financial incentives are a crucial aspect of the program, the Sui Ambassador Program goes beyond a mere salary. Ambassadors have the potential to earn unspecified monthly SUI rewards, priority access to events, exclusive swag, Discord roles, and various other perks. This approach ensures that ambassadors are not just contributors but active participants in the growth journey of Sui.

Sui Overview: Revolutionizing Asset Ownership

Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain, redefines asset ownership through its permissionless smart contract platform using the Move programming language. The ecosystem offers groundbreaking features such as unique transaction processing, consensus mechanisms, and innovative tokenomics. Sui stands out for its commitment to providing a cryptocurrency ecosystem that empowers users.

Funding and Tokenomics: A Solid Foundation for Growth

Behind Sui’s groundbreaking initiatives lies a solid foundation of funding. The project successfully raised $385.4 million in multiple funding rounds, led by prominent investors such as a16z and FTX Ventures. The native SUI token serves as a governance tool, facilitates gas fee payments, and enables participation in staking. The token is traded on major platforms like Binance, Kucoin, and MEXC Global.

Choosing Your Path: Content Creator and Local Community Leader

The Ambassador Program introduces two distinct tracks for participants to choose from:

1. Content Creator: Shaping the Narrative
— Craft impactful content across written, visual, and video formats, reflecting Sui’s vision and resonating with a wide audience.
— Engage in meaningful conversations and interactions across multiple platforms, representing Sui with sophistication and assuredness.
— Lead by example in community initiatives and events, actively promoting and highlighting key Sui activities.

2. Local Community Leader: Nurturing Growth Locally
— Plan and execute engaging Sui events in your community, leveraging creativity and organizational skills.
— Actively manage and maintain regional Discord and/or Telegram channels, ensuring vibrant and continuous engagement.
— Be a vocal advocate for Sui, fostering strong community cohesion and boosting event participation.

Why Join the Sui Ambassador Program?

Becoming a Sui Ambassador places individuals in a pivotal role where they actively shape and elevate the community. Ambassadors enjoy co-marketing opportunities, invitations to events, potential travel opportunities, and priority access to Foundation activities. Exclusive swag, Discord roles, badges, and monthly SUI rewards are among the perks awaiting participants.

How to Join: Application Process

Eager individuals can apply to the Sui Ambassador Program by filling out the application form. The initial application window closes on February 26, 2024, 07:59 UTC. Selected candidates will be contacted by the end of February. The program is thrilled about the prospect of embarking on this exciting journey with the enthusiastic community, aiming to collectively contribute to the growth and success of the Sui ecosystem.