Market Update | BTC | ETH | DOT | MATIC |


Bitcoin is currently trying to hold the $60k level, the volume seems to be low and it seems it is going to test some lower levels before it gets back up, if we look at the support level the strong support zones are at $53K and around $50.5K other than this I don't see any major support level. If the current support level breaks then there is a very high possibility that we test these two levels. If we talk about the resistance levels, BTC has the closest resistance at $62.6K


We all love ethereum at this point and know how great it is, for long-term holding ETH is one of the best projects to go for. Ethereum has proved that by giving exceptional returns to its investors and as the adoption of blockchain will increase we can see this project going even higher. If we talk about its analysis then the upper trendline is acting as a strong resistance for ETH. The current support zones for ETH are $3666 and $3350


Polkadot is another project to look at in this market, if the market takes a correction you can look for accumulating more DOT. If we talk about its support levels then the first level that I see is the $41.52 level, but if we talk about major support levels then it is at $30.06-$31 and $26.55 which would make a very good buying zone if the price comes there. If we see its resistance level then the first one is at $44.14 which has been pushing the price down for quite a while now and after that, another resistance level is at $46.36 these are all the major levels for you to keep an eye at.


Matic recently broke its accumulation zone and was expected to give a good rally but seeing the current market situation the price has again entered that zone we have to see how the price reacts when it test the lower level of the zone for now its support levels are at $1.43-$1.465 and $1.306 and strong support level which is very unlikely to be tested is at $1.01-$1.07, you can look at all these levels for possible buying zones.


So these were the three alts that I wanted to discuss with you today, I have talked about some other altcoins in my previous blogs, So you can check that out as well, now for my overview part, I think we should not get overbullish at thus pointing the price is currently holding $60k but I don't see any heavy buying bears seems to be in charge currently, and, Its always healthy to take a small correction after such a rally to gather all the fuels and it would be a great time to get your hands on all the alts that you might have missed before. If the market comes down then for bitcoin as discussed above $51-$53K are the probable zone to look at. Also, those who are reading till now I have a surprise for you WazirX is planning on launching Decentralised Exchange you can expect a very good rally from WRX, so you can look at getting more WRX between the $1–$1.3 area you can divide it into 3 parts for safety.



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