Introducing The Zerion Ambassador Program | Apply Now!!

3 min readFeb 15, 2024

Program Overview:

Embark on a journey into the decentralized realm with the Zerion Ambassador Program. Calling all community builders, content creators, and developers — this program is your gateway to the forefront of Web3. Shape the decentralized future, expand your network, and unlock unique opportunities as a Zerion Ambassador.

Ambassador Tasks:

As a Zerion Ambassador, your role is multifaceted, encompassing a range of impactful tasks that contribute to the growth and success of the Zerion ecosystem. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key ambassador tasks:

1. Content Creation:
- Craft engaging blog posts, articles, or video content that highlight the features and benefits of the Zerion Wallet.
- Share your insights into decentralized finance (DeFi) trends, providing educational content for users new to the crypto space.
- Generate visually appealing and informative content that showcases the unique value propositions of Zerion.

2. Community Building:
- Actively engage with the Zerion community across various social media platforms, fostering discussions and answering queries.
- Organize and host virtual events, such as webinars or AMAs, to create a sense of community and provide a platform for user interaction.
- Collaborate with fellow ambassadors to initiate and participate in community-driven initiatives that enhance the overall user experience.

3. Development Contributions:
- Leverage your coding skills to contribute to the development and improvement of Zerion’s platform or associated projects.
- Provide valuable feedback on the user interface and user experience, helping enhance the overall functionality of the Zerion Wallet.
- Collaborate with the development team to identify and implement innovative features that align with user needs and market trends.

4. Promotional Activities:
- Spearheaded promotional campaigns to increase awareness of the Zerion Wallet, leveraging social media channels and other online platforms.
- Develop creative strategies to attract new users, potentially through referral programs or partnerships with influencers.
- Utilize your network to amplify Zerion’s presence in the wider crypto community, driving adoption and engagement.

5. Feedback and Reporting:
- Regularly provide constructive feedback on the Zerion Wallet’s performance, identifying areas for improvement and potential enhancements.
- Compile and submit comprehensive reports detailing your activities, the impact of your initiatives, and insights gained from community interactions.
- Collaborate with the Zerion team to iterate on strategies based on real-time feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

By actively participating in these ambassador tasks, you play a vital role in shaping the decentralized future while growing your network and accessing unique opportunities within the dynamic world of Web3.

Eligibility Criteria:

Learn about the inclusive nature of the Zerion Ambassador Program. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a content creator, or a community builder, everyone can apply and play a role in shaping the decentralized landscape.

Rewards Structure:

While there may not be a fixed ambassador salary, exceptional contributions are highly valued and will be rewarded accordingly. Explore the potential for recognition and incentives based on the impact of your contributions to Zerion’s mission.

Zerion Wallet Overview:

Delve into the features of the Zerion Wallet, a non-custodial DeFi portfolio manager that consolidates assets across multiple wallets. Understand how users can monitor investments, execute trades, and engage in seamless DeFi activities within the app. Learn about the platform’s autonomous sourcing of cryptocurrency prices from decentralized exchanges, ensuring a comprehensive and user-centric experience.

Funding History:

Explore Zerion’s funding history, highlighting its successful fundraising endeavors. Discover how Zerion raised $22.5 million in multiple funding rounds led by prominent investors such as Placeholder Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Mosaic Ventures, and Wintermute.


Become a Zerion Ambassador and explore the uncharted territories of crypto influence. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a community enthusiast, the Zerion Ambassador Program provides a platform for you to actively contribute to the decentralized future, grow your network, and access unique opportunities within the dynamic world of Web3.