How To Earn Passive Income With Unmarshal (R2E)| Latest Partnerships | $MARSH Update

4 min readMay 11, 2022


In this blog, I have covered all the latest updates of Unmarshal, I will also share my views on the project and what I think of their token $MARSH

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Refer To Earn (R2E) Program

Unmarshal has launched an R2E program that will give a massive 25% bonus to you on the payment done by anyone of your referral for using Unmarsal Servies from the console. If you are a new user and you sign in using a referral code you’ll also get a 25% discount on your first payment. This is really really huge for the platform and will boost the number of developers using the Unmarshal Console, Unmarshal’s entire product range can be viewed from their console. The Unmarshal console provides various features like DeFi APIs, NFT APIs, Smart Notifications, Graph QL, and custom APIs that a user can easily develop according to their requirement. This program will boost the user base of Unmarshal APIs which means better revenue better development and better long-term sustainability.

Unmarshal Native Staking

Unmarshal Native Staking had a mind-blowing response and community support, The platform has over 6 Million $MARSH tokens staked that's over 22% of the total circulating supply with is really impressive and it cuts a lot of tokens from the market which means less sell pressure.

Users can stake their tokens and earn passive income from their $MARSH tokens, currently the APY is around 32% which is really impressive considering the overwhelming response on the platform

New Partnerships

Despite the market conditions Unmarshal has been able to score multiple partnerships every month, Which shows people believe in the project. Unmarshal products are Game Changer in the market, and the enormous number of partnerships proves it, recently Unmarshal Partnered with DarkBlock to help them collect metadata about NFTs, and Unmarshal also partnered with Plugins to help them build an affiliate platform for DApps on XDC Blockchain. The latest partnership that Unmarshal scored is with Spehrium Finance, Unmarshal will be helping index and query real-time and decoded data from multiple chains. The Unmarshal APIs will help Spehrium in creating a dashboard for the users using HyperSwap smart contract, they will also help them by providing notifications to HyperSwap users, thus keeping them alerted of a transaction they made.

Unmarshal Testnet Support

Unmarshal adds support for testnets, up until now unmarshal only supported the developed applications on the blockchain, but Unmarshal decided to start it from the beginning and add support for Testnets which will allow users to test their application and codes before deploying it. Unmarshal added support for Rinkeby on Ethereum, Mumbai on Polygon, and BNB testnet on BNB Chain


Unmarshal’s native token $MARSH has been in Whale demand for quite a while now, $MARSH has been one the most traded token by the biggest BSC whales, We have also seen quite good hikes from $MARSH in the past couple of months with it doing a 150% in under 40 days, as the whole market tanked the price of $MARSH has also reached the golden accumulation buying zone of $0.18–$0.22, this is the best area to accumulate more $MARSH before it starts its rally.

Technical Analysis

$MARSH is currently in the accumulation zone of $0.20-$0.22 area a break below it will drop us to the support zone of $0.1750, 0.18 is the major support area for $MARSH and also an all-time low this would be the best area to bag some more $MARSH another support zone is at $0.16 If we take a look at all the resistance zones a major resistance is at $0.26– $0.28 after that the major resistance is at $0.35 and $0.48


That was all from my side, I think this project has huge potential if you are interested in the project do read its whitepaper to learn more about it, Meanwhile, I also will be sharing all the major updates with you guys. Always do your own research before investing

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