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In this blog we will talk about Ethereum Push Notification Service


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Ethereum Push Notification Service

EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) is a decentralized notification system for Ethereum-based Web 3.0 apps that is platform neutral. It allows users to be notified about on-chain and off-chain activity. EPNS enables Web3 actors (users, dapps, and service providers) to establish notifications that are sent out when a smart contract meets particular criteria. Other Web3 participants can more confidently interact with DApps by searching, browsing, and subscribing to specific notifications. EPNS accomplishes this by combining Web 2.0 apps’ seamless user experience with Web 3.0’s security and power.

Why should you use EPNS though?

Because as a Web3.0 user, you’ve been relying on Twitter or Telegram for important updates and notifications from your favourite DApps for a long time. Developers have suffered as a result of posting important information about their app or product on social media in the hopes that their users will see it. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure. As a result, important notifications, alerts, notices, and offers were missed by users. EPNS solves these problems while also rewarding both senders and receivers for their usage.

The EPNS product suite is made up of the following parts:

  • PUSH Nodes: The PUSH Nodes’ primary function is to listen for events in EPNS protocol smart contracts and send notifications to the appropriate recipients.
  • App: The mobile app’s primary function is to convey notifications from decentralized protocols to centralized ecosystems.
  • Protocol: The EPNS Protocol’s major purpose is to ensure that all notifications are prepared and transmitted in accordance with protocol criteria. Every notification will be readily available for the PUSH Nodes in charge of dispatching to pick up.

What is this $PUSH thing you’ve been seeing all around the internet? $PUSH is a governance token with usage mining incentives and the ability to split the fee pool if the community chose to do so in the future. Its goal is to get all ecosystem actors involved and cross-check each other.

In The Below Image There Are All the Achievements Of The Project EPNS

TrueFi Partnership

TrueFi is a DeFi Protocol for on-chain, unsecured lending that allows you to earn large rates on stablecoin loans and borrow money without having to put up any security.

TrueFi is one team that is greatly noticed for trajectory building of cutting-edge products for Web3 and its collaboration will aid to refine the EPNS protocol to create long-lasting, decentralized notifications. Every day, several improvements occur in the DeFi area, and thanks to Ethereum’s strength, additional ideas are introduced at a rapid rate, allowing more people to participate. TrueFi is a well-known company for developing cutting-edge Web3 products, and their participation will help to refine the EPNS protocol to provide long-lasting, decentralized alerts.

The following will be part of the TrueFi pilot programme :

  • Working with the TrueFi team to facilitate technical conversation in the development of a scalable and powerful decentralized communication layer.
  • Creating a standard for the TrueFi platform which will enable sending notifications depending on predefined thresholds and conditions.
  • Borrowers will be notified when interest rates change and when their existing loans are due to be paid off.
  • Stakeholders and lenders should be aware of the following: Creating a channel of communication to notify token holders of new loan requests that require voting and to give stakeholders with a quick and easy option to vote for or against a loan via the app.

TrueFi is a wonderful innovation in the DeFi field that appears to be gaining traction among key industry players and institutions as borrowers seek long-term, high-value loans. This is a fantastic relationship for DeFi.

New Listings

Everything is going great for EPNS so far, It was a big past week for $PUSH as the project is being excepted widely many new exchange listings came up first gate.io, Huobi, MEXC Global and finally Bitbns. The project is developing hugely and more and more investors are coming in, We all saw the $PUSH pump to 5$ this past week. As more and more exchange list $PUSH, the more investors get interested in EPNS, the more the project will grow and develop


I made all the designs myself I hope you guys like it

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In this blog above I have shared the current updates in the EPNS ecosystem all the reasons why I am so Bullish on $PUSH. It has partnered will alot of big players in short time, Additionally it is backed by many influential personalities of the crypto community and the use case of this project is itself enough. Collecting some PUSH in every dip won’t do anyone any harm. It is definitely a future gem and maybe a 100X coin.

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