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I have talked about EPNS in the previous blog in detail there I talked about the solution that Ethereum Push Notifications Provide, What makes EPNS Unique, Its Token $PUSH and about its Team. So, I will just explain EPNS in short and then see 10 of its partnerships and its token in detail.

Its a project aimed to creating a decentralized middleware for DApps , Smart Contracts and Web3 Services which aims t o deliver notifications which aims to enable user’s wallet address to receive notifications.


1. Polygon

Polygon is the first easy-to-use, well-structured platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. ESPN partnered with Polygon to implement Polygon’s infrastructure in the EPNS protocol to deliver scalable, low-cost notifications. This partnership plans to create a channel for Polygon and delivering notifications important for their network.

2. Ruler Protocol

Ruler is a peer-to-peer DeFi borrowing and lending platform, Ruler also provide loans that are liquidation free. ESPN recently partnered with Ruler Protocol in order to provide all necessary information to the Ruler Protocol Users such as reminding the user about their loans at least 20 hours before expiring, Notification when minting rcTokens or rrTokens, Notifying when minting ratio goes down etc.


AAVE is a open source decentralized market protocol where users can earn interest on deposits and borrow digital assets. Ethereum Push Notification Services partnered with AAVE and firstly aims to notification standards that meets the demand requirement of DeFi Liquidity Protocol Users, Moreover AAVE users will able to subscribe to get alerts such as risk of liquidation, borrow or deposit rate decreasing, news assets being available etc. Also AAVE team will help improve security, scalability, adoption and usability of EPNS.

4. Alpha Homora

Alpha Finance Lab is an ecosystem of DeFi products that will interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing downside risks for users. EPNS partnered with Alpha Homora and aims to build a channel for Alpha Homora on EPNS protocol, Moreover creating notification use cases on leveraged and liquidation positions. They also plans to build a powerful and scalable decentralized layer for whole Web3.0 .

5. Uniswap

EPNS partnered with Uniswap, Uniswap is a very important part of the Defi evolution hence the partnership with the Uniswap team to build out the core EPNS protocol to deliver decentralized notifications to Web3 users. Everyone can now subscribe and begin receiving notifications to their wallet address, the notifications users receive will be customizable. Users will be notified about transaction updates, gas cost warnings, impermanent loss etc.

6. Matic

EPNS and Matic partnership. The partnership between these to giants enable EPNS to leverage the Matic Layer-2 solution to drive high performance and seamless carter to large number of users. EPNS will use Matic for optimization and scalability.

7. Gitcoin

Gitcoin is a community where builders can earn funding in Web 3 while creating open source decentralized applications and learning new technologies. The partnership between Github and EPNS will include, EPNS developing a core protocol v1 features according to their needs and exploring possible integrations in their upcoming Gitcoin Grand Rounds.

8. Snapshot

Snapshot is gasless off chain, multi governance client that allows the community to create and vote on proposals as well as verify its results. There is no charge in creating a proposal or voting for it, Snapshot is super customizable allowing user to change Domain names as well as voting strategy. EPNS and Snapshot Collaborations aims to be creating proposals and and notifying users which will be triggered to all token holders of that specific governance project.

9. bZx

bZx is a financial protocol for lending and borrowing through a tokenized margin trading and lending system built on Ethereum, through bZx itokens and ptokens can be composed into novel financial products which can further be used as collateral for loans. EPNS and bZx partnered and aims to send all margin lending and trading notifications directly to bZx user wallets.

10. PlotX

PlotX is Price Prediction Market which cross chain which is built by ex-CEO of Nexus Mutual. PlotX launched its mainnet V2 on polygon on 14th of may which includes many interesting features and gasless predictions. EPNS and PlotX partnership aims to provide many solutions to the PlotX users. All the prediction market related notifications will directly sent to the user wallets.


The native Token of EPNS is $PUSH it the maximum supply of PUSH is 100,000,000 and current market cap of over 15 Million USD with a circulating supply of over 8 Million Push. PUSH is available on WazirX Exchange you can trade it with INR and USDT pair. The All time high of PUSH is 8.73 USD


Here are some on EPNS and PUSH that created and I hope you all like it

I hope you all liked the memes that I created I will be posting more of these on my twitter account.


In this blog above I have shared all the reasons why I am so Bullish on EPNS. It has partnered will alot of big players in short time, Additionally it is backed by many influential personalities of the crypto community and the use case of this project is itself enough. Collecting some PUSH in every dip won’t do anyone any harm. It is definitely a future gem and maybe a 100X coin. I will cover its staking and other options with some current market updates on my next blog.

[Richa Ethereum-Push-Notification-Service (EPNS)]

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