Earn $100+ Monthly: RaysX Ambassador Program and $RAX Rewards!

2 min readJan 21, 2024

Program Overview

Discover the RaysX Ambassador Program and position yourself at the forefront of DeFi innovation. This opportunity allows strategic minds to align with a protocol revolutionizing decentralized app development. Learn about RaysX’s successful MVP and key partnerships, offering influencers a chance to contribute and earn $RAX.

Ambassador Tasks

Explore the diverse tasks ambassadors undertake, including content creation, translation, promotion, and community engagement. Uncover how ambassadors actively contribute to the growth of the RaysX ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria

Understand the inclusive nature of the RaysX Ambassador Program. Learn how everyone can apply, regardless of background or experience, to become a part of this innovative initiative.

Rewards Structure

Get insights into the unspecified RAX rewards offered to RaysX Ambassadors. Delve into the potential earnings and benefits for those actively participating in the program.

RaysX Protocol Overview

Explore how RaysX Protocol streamlines DeFi by converting apps from any programming language into dApps. Learn about the ecosystem’s features, including a marketplace accessible through a DEX terminal, enabling seamless transactions. Discover how users engage in NFT trading and other incentives while developers are rewarded in native blockchain currencies, creating a symbiotic decentralized ecosystem.

Joining the Ambassador Program

Are you a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) looking to earn $RAX? Learn about the active recruitment of enthusiastic ambassadors to join RaysX. Discover how active participation will be generously rewarded, and find out how to contribute to the project’s promotion by completing a simple form.

About RaysX Protocol

Uncover essential information about RaysX Protocol, empowering DeFi with accessible dApp integration powered by the $RAX token. Learn about the mission to simplify decentralized app development by offering an advanced infrastructure protocol, eliminating entry barriers, and making the industry accessible to a broader range of creators.

Key Products and Utilities

Explore the key products, including RaysX Protocol and Marketplace Mini dApps, along with the essential utilities of the $RAX token. Understand its role in dApps deployment and subscriptions, transaction fees, trade, and earning within the ecosystem.

Why RaysX is a Gem

Discover the unique strengths of RaysX, including the existence of a product with a live MVP boasting over 50K whitelist members. Learn about confirmed Tier-1 CEX and Launchpads, a successful Seed Round completed with backing from VCs, and the scheduled TGE in Early Q1 2024.


Explore the comprehensive world of RaysX, from the Ambassador Program to the protocol’s features and strengths. Join the initiative and become a part of the DeFi revolution with RaysX.