Crypto and Financial Freedom


In the last article, we covered the basics of how investing in crypto can lead you towards financial independence.

  • Transaction fees are lower than credit cards and no bank charges are required when cryptocurrency is not being exchanged.
  • Credit card payments may take days or even weeks to complete. At the same time, cryptocurrency provides instant transfers.
  • Cryptocurrency makes international trade easier by removing trade barriers and restrictions and ultimately makes it easier to accept payments in different currencies.
  • Since crypto is still a fairly new payment method, offering your customers an option can help you generate new business.
  • Unlike credit and debit cards, which use large amounts of personal information to track transactions, crypto does not require any identifying information, providing customers with greater flexibility and discretion.
  • Crypto payments are irreversible, which means that merchants can ensure that they will receive the money once a transaction occurs. When the transaction is completed on the blockchain, there is no longer the risk of refunds or fraudulent payment disputes.



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